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You are here: Home > About Us > Message from Clerk Robinson
Message from Clerk Robinson
Dear Fulton County Citizens and Friends,

Welcome to the office of the Fulton County, Clerk of Superior Court; an office that proudly serves the largest constituency in the State of Georgia.

After serving as a Fulton County employee for nearly 30 years, in 2008, you elected me to represent you as your Clerk of Superior Court. In doing so, you entrusted me with the responsibility of properly processing, securing and housing all criminal, civil and real estate documents that originate in Fulton County. I manage a knowledgeable and experienced staff of over two hundred employees, while administering a $15 million annual budget. Although these are some of the highlighted tasks that you have selected me to fulfill, my obligations to you do not rest there.

In addition to the proficient managing and safe keeping of your pertinent county documents, the Office of the Clerk of Superior Court also performs a wide range of information management, financial management, and administrative functions in the judicial system. We have also taken on an active role in coordinating and participating in numerous community events and initiatives to help eradicate crime and educate citizens about the various services offered in the agency. Together, we can make a difference in our community.

I believe you made the right choice to enlist me as your Clerk while placing a great deal of confidence in me. For that, I will remain eternally grateful. My goal is to successfully meet and exceed your expectations in years to come.

We pride ourselves in providing all of our customers with exceptional service and we welcome your opinions and feedback  as we aspire to carry out our commitment to excellence. I hope you find the following information about our office useful in your area of service needs.

 Yours in service,
Cathelene  Robinson

 Clerk of Superior Court


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