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Georgia Bar Exam

Congratulations to the recent passers of the Georgia Bar Exam and to those becoming eligible to practice on motion in the State of Georgia! From this link,, contact a Fulton County Superior Court Judge, schedule a time and date to be sworn in and email copies of your certificate of eligibility, driver's license and the specifics of your ceremony to at least 48 hours prior to your confirmed swearing in date (this is a mandatory time frame). On the day of your swearing in, please report to the Clerk's office at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time with your original certificate and you will be escorted to the Judge's chambers. If you reside out-of-state and wish to be sworn-in via proxy services, please email a copy of your certificate of eligibility, driver's license and out-of-state mailing address to and you will receive details on the proxy, swearing-in process. To gain further information regarding taking your attorney's oath in Fulton County, please contact Nicholas F. Cotten at (404). 613.4217 or via email.


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