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Senate Bill 176

Civil Case Reporting Forms

This section contain files and forms associated with how to file a civil case and the Civil Case Filing Project (SB 176). All files and forms are provided in Adobe (PDF) format. In order to view these files, you must install Adobe Acrobat Reader if it is not currently installed.

NEW PROGRAM NOTE EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2008. New legislation, HB369, requires changes to the Domestic Relations filing and disposition forms. The new forms for how to file a civil case are posted below.   

 Case Initiation and Disposition Forms
  General Civil Case Filing Information Form (Non Domestic)
  General Civil Case Final Disposition Form (Non-Domestic)
  Domestic Relations Case Filing Information Form
  Domestic Relations Case Final Disposition Information Form
  Notice of Non-Compliance (For use by Clerks of Superior and State Court only)

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