This division processes civil cases.  All filing processed by the Clerk's
office must between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday:

Cathelene "Tina" Robinson, Clerk of Superior Court
Attention: Administration Division- C-155
136 Pryor Street, SW 
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 612-5374

Frequently Asked Questions



1.     What is the cost of filing a civil case?

The filing fee for all civil actions is $213.50 for the first plaintiff and defendant. Each additional party is $8.00.

Divorce cases are filed for $218.50. 

There is also a Sheriff's service fee of $50.00 per service.

2.  What is my civil action number?  


Go to and click on civil case search.

You can research using a case number or name of any party in the case. .

3.  Which Judge is assigned to my case?

4.  What is the date of hearing for my case?

5.     Has my document been filed in your office?

6.     Can I get my documents notarized in your office?

No, our office does not provide Notary services. You can get documents notarized the Daily Report office,
191 Pryor Street, Atlanta GA 30303.
(404) 521-1227

7.     Where can I get forms to file my case?

For civil actions, forms can be obtained at the Law Library on the 7th Floor, 185 Central Avenue Atlanta, GA 30303.
(404) 612-4544

For domestic cases, forms can be obtained from the Family division of the Office of the Fulton County Superior Court Administrator, on the 7th Floor, 185 Central Avenue Atlanta, GA 30303. (404) 612-4518

8.     Where can I get a copy of my divorce records?

You may get a copy of such records from our office by walking into our records division, and paying for the copies. You may also write us requesting the records with payment included for the copies. Please include your case number for such written requests. The fee schedule and mailing address are available on the Clerk's website:


Our office is not authorized to practice Law; therefore we are unable to advise you on how to pursue or proceed with any civil or criminal matter.